Teen Stoners… ASSEMBLE

Teen stoners, I think its time that we have came together to tackle a question or issue if you may , about “our” personalities. Being a stoner is pretty much synonymous with passive-aggressiveness in society nowadays. The majority of us pretty much like some chill ass music with good bass (BONES-Butterfly) and a book for others, but our preferred environment is nothing short of comfortable to keep those lil evil thoughts away lol. But deep down in all stoners, theres a side to us, an energetic side that LOVE to watch Saw marathons by themselves at 2 in the morning. I often find myself to be indulged with the explicit lyrics in old hip hop songs (Everyday Struggle is playing in the background as I type this) and wonder…. How many of us are out there? The pot heads who love lil uzi and 21 savage but can get down with method man and redman? If youre out there and will like to build up our own community please leave a comment for more. 1st Blog ,,, complete


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